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Joseph Maris Collection of Basque Musical Scores

In this section you can consult scores (harmonisations, arrangements, creations, etc.) by the musician Joseph Maris. Most belong to the traditional and contemporary Basque repertoire. These songs with 2, 3 or 4 voices, written in G clef (easy to read) are often accompanied by bass chords on the guitar and other instruments.


Aberriaren mugak
Adin gaixto
Adio Euskal Erriari
Adios ene maitia
Adios izar ederra
Agur herriari
Agur Jaunak
Agur Jaunak (Lesbordes)
Agur Jaunak (V.E.)
Agur Maria (Giovani)
Agur Maria (J.M.)
Agur Maria (JM - Ahots mistoak +)
Agur Maria (Madina)
Agur Maria (Uruñuela)
Agur Xuberoa
Agure zaharra
Agure zaharra
Ai hori begi Kattalin
Ai nere kabia (voix égales et voix mixtes)
Ai, ai, ai mutilak
Aingeru batek (Goiz arrats)
Aingeru Batek Mariari (Ahots mistoak) +
Aingeru batek Mariari (Anjelus - Berro)
Aingeru batek Mariari (mistoa)
Aintza zeru lurrek
Aintza Zeru Lurrek (ahots mistoak)
Aintza Zuri
Aintza Zuri Jauna (Spiritual...)
Aita Gurea (Madina - ahots mistoak)
Aita gurea (Madina)
Aitak eman zerautan (Sotoko ophorra)
Aitak eta amak
Aitatxiren otoa
Alduden gizonik ez
Alma llanera
Ama (Ai zer plazera)
Ama begira zazu
Ama lurraren oihua
Amaren bularra
Amari (Nekez Ari)
Aments fantasia
Amicus meus
Amodioz bizi
Amor amor
Andereño bat
Andre Madalen
Antoni eta Anton
Ara nun diren
Ara nun diren (bakarlari)
Argia dela diozu
Argiaren lehen zirrinta
Argitik argia
Argitik argia
Argizagi ederra
Arrosako zolan
Arrosako zolan (vm)
Artzain abestia
Astoa balaan
Athenryko zelaiak
Atzar gaiten
Atzo bai
Ave Maria (Gounod)
Ave Maria (Schubert)
Ave Maria No
Ave Verum (C.Saint Saëns)
Ave Verum Corpus
Azken dantza
Azken dantza hau
Azken gau orroitgarria
Bagare (ahots mistoak)
Bai, bai, bai
Bajo Mi Cielo Andaluz
Bakea (ahots berdinak)
Baldin hemen
Banango zaharra
Baratze bat (2 bozetan)
Baratze bat (4 bozetan)
Basque Score collection

Jo Maris

The composer and musician Jo Maris wanted to make a series of Basque music scores available to the public on the Basque culture portal website, managed by the Basque Cultural Institute.

Each MIDI file contains, amongst other things, data on each of the notes to be played (duration, volume, key, channel number, speed, etc). A MIDI file is in fact a digital representation of musical scores. It can also be used with specialist musical software (sheet music editors ...)

The source files of compositions and arrangements have been created using Sibelius © composition software. The composer has also made these available to the public. They can be opened using Sibelius © software.

Terms of use

"To all choir directors: I would be greatly honoured if you would use these scores. Other songs will gradually be added over time. Please respect the way these harmonisations are written in so far as they have no "false notes" and declare them to the SACEM if necessary.
Thank you to everyone who has helped making these scores available on line, especially to Christian Etchegoyen and the Basque Cultural Institute.
Happy listening!".
Jo Maris (Contact card)

These sound recordings are the work of the musician and composer Joseph Maris, who authorises the free dissemination and reproduction of this work. However, this work may only be corrected or modified subject to prior approval by the composer.

Any works performed in public (eg. if used by a choir in a public concert) must be declared to the SACEM.