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Music and singing

The many traditional musical instruments played in the Basque Country show just how dynamic this rich and ancient musical heritage really is.


Contributions by great composers of Basque origin, such as Gorriti, Guridi, Sarasate and Ravel are part of this heritage. In this musical universe traditional a capella song for a long time played an essential role. By choosing to sing in euskara and by creating their own repertoire from the 1960’s onwards, composers and songwriters revolutionised the landscape of Basque music. Today, whilst maintaining their originality, Basque song and music is combined with other world music.

Basque song and music portal website

The daily newspaper "Berria" has put the website online, a true portal website for Basque song and music: consult over 160 biographies, a database for over 1000 CD's and DVD's, the lyrics of around 270 CD's compiled with their covers, hundreds of photos, over 300 songs to listen to, a presentation of Basque record labels, a bibliography, videos and press articles ... The website is in Basque only and is certainly worth consulting especially for its iconography and to listen to songs.

Directory of players

A directory of all those involved in Basque song and music in the Northern Basque Country (groups and singers, programmers, resource centres, etc.).

Basque worlds: online exhibition

Basque Worlds

44 videos | 120 photos | 40 sounds