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Northern Basque Country or Iparralde

The Northern Basque Country ("Iparraldea") is made up of three historic provinces: Labourd, Lower Navarre and Soule, in the Atlantic Pyrenees Department.


Perspectives on the Northern Basque Country

iparraldea_ezaugarriak.jpgThe Basque Country in 2010
Main socio-economic and demographic indicators. Maps, resources, etc.
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iparraldea_21.jpgDocumentary "Iparraldea XXI"
Another vision of Iparralde through the crossed perspectives of the territory's young players ...
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iparraldea_herriak.jpgThe 158 municipalities
The Northern Basque Country's 158 municipalities geolocated and classed according to provinces.
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iparraldea_euskara.jpgUse of the Basque language in Iparralde
A description by Erramun Bachoc based on data from the 2006 sociolinguistic survey.
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iparraldea_kultura.jpgIparralde's cultural players
A database of players, venues and Basque creations from this territory ...
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Iparraldea: the territory

iparraldea2.jpgPopulation: estimated 290 000 inhabitants in 2008.
Surface area: 2967 km2
Provinces: 158 municipalities in three provinces, Labourd, Lower Navarre and Soule.