What is the "Ethnopôle" label?

Created by the Ministry of Culture in 1996, the "Ethnopole" label – National Ethnology Research & Resource Unit – was awarded to cultural institutions which pursue a policy of excellence in terms of research, information and cultural action in the field of intangible cultural heritage. In 2017 the Basque Cultural Institute became the ninth "Ethnopole" structure in France.

A label, a consortium

On 12 January 2017 the Ethnological & Intangible Heritage Committee awarded the Ethnopole label for a duration of four years (2017-2021) to the consortium originally founded by the Basque Cultural Institute (BCI) and the School of Advanced Studies in Social Science (SASSS) via the Georg Simmel Mixed Human & Social Science Research Unit.

The basque ethnopole uses oral memory to reconsider and understand the transformations of contemporary basque society.

The consortium today brings together the Basque Cultural Institute and the University of Bordeaux Montaigne. The Ethnopole label’s approval was renewed in March 2023 for four additional years.

The Basque Ethnopole’s scientific and cultural programme for 2023-2026 will predominantly cover the following 4 research areas:

  • Oral & intangible heritage
  • Heritage & creation
  • Languages & societies
  • Cultural rights