"Herri Urrats" in St Pée sur Nivelle

Apr 22, 2005

The celebration day in favour of the immersive system schools or ikastola will take place all around the lake of St Pée sur Nivelle on may the 8th.

"Herri Urrats" in St Pée sur Nivelle

Organized by the immersive schools federation SEASKA, Herri Urrats intends to be a date where people from different linguistic origins and ages meet to give a new breath to the bask language.

The mixing is also to be found in the surprising collaboration between Kepa Junkera and Silvio Pesoa. As Bask country meets Brazil...

"From here and elsewhere" again as the bask language mixes so nicely with electronic, soul and RnB music among the many charming rhythms produced by the Guinean yet bask speaking singer Afrika...

A program that should suit each one… Practically speaking, buses departing from the major towns of the Bask country will take you to the lake and back...

For more information see the website herriurrats.com or call Seaska: 0(0 33) 5 59 52 88 87

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