Our new website is now available!

Jun 22, 2005

The new website of the Bask culture institute is now available. It will take you on a trip into this country where there is always something new to discover.

Our new website is now available!

It took us three years of straining work to make the new website: contents and graphics have been entirely remodelled to give you access to (nearly) everything there is to know about bask culture.

Together with the artists and associations who keep this culture alive, we tried to provide visitors with a complete directory and a place to make discoveries about this ancient yet vivid culture, diving in the past to rise up in the future.

The Bask culture institute means to explore different activities and artistic fields. The site will be regularly updated according to events, meetings and delights. Our aim is to offer you an open window, a knowledge base and a starting point.

No more delays, it's time to get on board. Have a nice trip!

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