Basks' Argentina exhibition in Irissarry

Apr 22, 2005

From January the 28th to June the 4th, in collaboration with the general council, the Bask culture institute presents the Basks'Argentina exhibition in Irissarry, at the Education to patrimony centre.

Basks' Argentina exhibition in Irissarry

The exhibition was born from the meeting between the general council's Education to patrimony centre, the Bask culture institute and the Euskal Argentina association. The last one aims to strengthen the sometimes loose links between the bask people from here and the bask people living in Argentina.

The exhibition takes place at the Education to patrimony centre of Irissarry located in lower Navarre, a key region as regards Basks' emigration to Argentina. It intends to give information and testimonies about the emigration of the bask people to Argentina during the 19th and 20th centuries, mainly concerning the people from the northern Bask country who left in successive and massive waves towards different places in the world.

Emigration to Argentina culminated during the 19th century and up to nowadays awakens deep interest among people. Research into the subject intends to understand the reasons for leaving, everyday life across the Atlantic, and the hardly fulfilled dreams of coming back.

Several lectures will accompany the exhibition. The last one will take place on Friday, may the 20th, at 8:30 pm at the Education to patrimony centre, the subject being "the travel to America seen through the letters". The speaker will be Ariane Bruneton-Governatori, anthropologist, lecturer at the university of Pau and Adour surroundings. There will be a simultaneous translation into bask.

For any complementary information call the EPC of Irissarry: 05 59 37 97 20

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