The Basque soul of Miquelon

Jun 23, 2005

Christiane Giraud undertook a travel to St Pierre and Miquelon to raise a stele in memory of the age-old relationship linking the Basque people to the people of Miquelon.

The Basque soul of Miquelon

This idea of a memorial was born last year in the Basque land when a delegation from the island came to visit us at the Basque culture institute. Christiane Giraud was entrusted with the task of carrying out the project. She is a Basque woodcarver living in Ustaritz. To fulfil her engagement she had to stay in Miquelon from the 26th of March to the 18th of April 2005.

Made from Canadian red oak, the 2.20 meters high sculpture is composed of 7 sections, reminding the 7 Basque provinces. On these 7 sections come extracts of Septentrio, Aurelia ARKOTXA's book. The author follows here the route taken by the Basque sailors during the 16th and 17th centuries towards Newfoundland.

On the stele one can also see 4 verses written by Pantxoa Etchegoin, manager of the Basque culture institute:

"Miqueloneko lurraren lurrinean Euskal arima zuraren bihotzean Itsasturiek egin hatzen bidean atxik loturak bi herrien artean"

Among the perfumes of the land of Miquelon Lays the Basque soul, in the heart of the wood. Following the path of the ancient seamen Let's keep the bonds between our two people

Scholars as well as a larger public were invited to discuss with the woodcarver as she was realizing the stele.

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