Euskal Herria Zuzenean will stir the Soule

Mar 27, 2005

The festival Euskal Herria Zuzenean which will take place in July 1st, 2nd and 3rd offers a very rich and eclectic programming, thus going on claiming "People's Eurock against the World Company".

Euskal Herria Zuzenean will stir the Soule
Top of the bills and young talents

Concerning musical programming, there will be some heavy pieces on the scene with Luke's French rock music and Sinclair's groove before a very longed for performance on Sunday by the great Maceo Parker, a former musician of James Brown and a saxophonist of genius. At the cabaret, you will have the opportunity to listen to Marc Peronne playing accordion as well as the frenzy and acid humour of Didier Super, a "good singer" straight arrived from...Mars.

A musical programming where the Basque country will keep a major place since this festival aims to be a springboard for local artists. The folk songs of "Amaren alabak" as well as "Izate"'s pop music will be on the bill as well as "Karikadeko bentak" or "Skunk" from Hendaye that we no longer need to introduce. But some people already whisper that it's Niko Etxart, our rocker, who will be the star turn and set the Sunday public on fire.

The other artistic practices will be present as well. As concerns plays, Freddy Coudbol's humour will be close to the more serious play Beltzeria, 2nd part of the trilogy of Antton Lucu, our famous basque contemporary author. The basque art of bertsularism (improvised rhymed songs) will mix up with the slam, a new urban improvising practice following the same principle.

A festival showing solidarity

This festival wants to involve in today's fights, be they local or not, going on promoting bio food and fair trading, defending the rights of women and cultural diversity, wondering about the ways of living in basque here and now. A militancy that expresses itself through the thousand of voluntaries that make this festival possible.

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