''Michel Labeguerie'' Prize

Jul 06, 2005

The Basque Cultural Institute and the Town of Cambo have decided to honour the memory of the singer and song writer Michel Labeguerie, who died 25 years ago, by creating a Prize which will bear his name.

''Michel Labeguerie'' Prize

The best way to pay tribute to "the Father of New Song" is to create new songs, thus adding to the Basque repertoire.


  1. The lyrics of the song must be in Basque;
  2. Priority will be given to new creations: unpublished lyrics and music;
  3. Singers may only present one work;
  4. The song will be judged as a whole. The lyric writer and the composer may be two different people;
  5. The choice of subject is free;
  6. The singer will sing alone and may, if he/she wishes, be accompanied by one or several musicians;
  7. The competition is open to anyone over 16 years old.
  8. The song must be recorded on CD;
  9. The lyrics must be typed;
  10. All participants must insert the CD and the lyrics in a large sealed envelope stating the title of the song, and the name and address of the singer. This envelope must be sent by post to the Basque Cultural Institute - Chateau Lota Jauregia - PO Box 6 64480 Ustaritz/Uztaritze;
  11. The closing date is 30 September 2005;
  12. The panel of judges include: Philippe Aldaco, Pier-Pol Berzaitz, Jojo Bordagaray, Anje Duhalde, Mikel Erramouspe and Denise Olhagaray;
  13. The total amount of the prize awarded is 1 800 euros. It will be divided amongst the three winners, according to their classification;
  14. The panel of judges will announce its decision within one month;
  15. The tribute to Michel Labeguerie will take place in Cambo on Saturday 12 November 2005. The three winners will perform during the first half of a concert planned on the day of the tribute, in the second half other singers will perform the works of Michel Labeguerie.

For further details: Basque Cultural Institute

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