A CD-ROM to promote basque artists

Jul 13, 2005

Within the framework of its cultural policy aimed at promoting Basque culture outside the Basque Country, the Basque Cultural Institute intends to develop a CD-ROM aimed at people working in the field of culture.

A CD-ROM to promote basque artists
Characteristics of the CD-ROM

Characteristics of the CD-ROM

  • Multimedia and interactive: the aim is to inform cultural operators about potential cultural offers created by the Basque Cultural Institute and its partner artists (21 artists chosen) through sound and images (both still and animated). The user will be able to browse the different sections according to his / her needs and interests.
  • Monolingual and multilingual: a French-Basque bilingual version is planned (for distribution in France and the Spanish Basque Country) and subsequently a French-Basque-Spanish trilingual version of the product. However, initially priority will be given to creating a French monolingual version.
  • For professional use: the CD-ROM will be aimed at people working in the field of culture. It is not a tool for the general public but rather an advertising support for potential organisers and distributors (showplaces and facilities, festivals, etc.).
  • Periodical and complementary: the product will be updated every year in order to adapt to the development of cultural offers coordinated by the Basque Cultural Institute as well as the careers of local musicians and singers. Obviously, concerning updates relating to the programme of Basque cultural events, the http://www.eke.org website will be the natural counterpart of the CD-ROM from which it will be accessible.

The CD-ROM will have four main sections:

  1. Information about the Basque Country
  2. Presentation of the Basque Cultural Institute and its services
  3. Artists chosen by the Basque Cultural Institute
  4. "Suggestion box" for potential events organised in partnership with the BCI

Compatible with the following platforms: Macintosh (OSX.1.5 and later versions) and PC (Windows 98 and later versions)

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