The Basque Country through the magnifying glass on DVD

Apr 02, 2006

The DVD Euskal Herriko Aurpegiak produced by the Basque Cultural Institute and the Elhuyar Fundation has just been released. This quadrilingual DVD aims to present the many different aspects of the Basque Country.

The Basque Country through the magnifying glass on DVD

The best way to discover the Basque Country or any other place is to visit it. The DVD Euskal Herriko Aurpegiak fulfils this objective in an original and entertaining way. It is comprehensive and interactive, providing both a pleasant and educational visit.

A multi-faceted picture

The DVD is divided into 6 sections: history, geography, economy, the Basque language (history, present situation and structure), culture (visual arts, literature, improvisation, cinema, music and song, dance and theatre) and lifestyle.

It thus offers spectators a rich journey enabling them to form an overall and fully-informed opinion about the Basque Country. The DVD is not however an exhaustive presentation of the Basque Country, but instead highlights the most important features in the fields of language, culture, economy, etc.

This DVD also includes 400 photos, 10 minutes of video, 15 musical extracts, and many documents and recordings.

A DVD suited to the needs and wishes of everyone

This material can be used in different contexts. It will enable the non initiated to discover different aspects of the Basque Country, such as its history, geography, literature, economy, etc. and for others to complete their knowledge about the subject.

It can be used both at school or home.

The DVD is on sale for € 28.50

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