Release of the "Kantuketan" album

Jun 22, 2007

The Radio France Group's Ocora record company and the Basque Cultural Institute have just released the "Kantuketan" album dedicated to Basque song. The two CDs and accompanying booklet are a historic journey through an art which is also the expression of a people.

Release of the "Kantuketan" album

Basque song, a sign of social cohesion

Basque song reflects the social life of men and women, their trials and tribulations, and their victories. It is also a sign of social cohesion and witness to the life of a community, expressing its hopes and suffering, but with a distinctive feature: the language, Basque (one of Europe's most ancient, even older than the Indo-European languages) whose history has gone hand in hand with that of song since the remotest times. The album's tracks, a mixture of different generations and styles, illustrate an art which has managed to survive and adapt, always serving poetry.

A partnership between France Bleue and the Basque Cultural Institute

The album is the fruit of a partnership between France Bleue Pays Basque and the Basque Cultural Institute, brilliantly completing the Basque Cultural Institute's Kantuketan programme, which included an important travelling exhibition, the publishing of works, school and extra-curricular activities, training courses for artists and contemporary creations, in addition to many exchanges with other singers from around the world, mostly from Eastern Europe.

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