About Basque worlds

Jun 21, 2007

Within the framework of the "Batekmila Basque Worlds" multimedia exhibition, which will be presented at the Carré/Bonnat Museum in Bayonne from 23 June to 9 September, the Basque Cultural Institute has organised a series of cultural events.

About Basque worlds

Concerts and projections/debates will be held. All of these events will take place at the Carré Bonnat in Bayonne.

  • Friday 6 July: 7 pm, projection and debate on the documentary Them & Us by Joana Jauregui.

This documentary is part of the Basque Worlds exhibition. It tells the story of how thirteen Basque teenagers met young Amazighs from Morocco’s High Atlas mountains, and who through this exchange found an original way to apprehend their own identity. After the film there will be a discussion with the director, members of the association and the audience.

  • Friday 13 July: 7 pm: Concert with **Beñat Achiary & Jesus Aured :**

Beñat Achiary is known throughout the entire world, where he takes part in many festivals. He is a unique individual in the Basque musical landscape with his own style which he constantly perfects. Jesus Aured is an accordionist. Improvisation is also one of Jesus’ favourite fields. He has worked with Beñat Achiary for a long time.

  • Friday 27 July: 7 pm: projection/debate on two documentaries by Evelyne Casemajor dedicated to Eduardo Chillida and Jorge Oteiza :

This evening will be an occasion to discover two of the exhibition’s documentaries on these internationally renowned Basque artists and to meet the director, Evelyne Cazemajor. Both these men opened up the way for, freed and were behind the appearance of Basque contemporary art whilst projecting a positive image of a people, its art and its culture throughout the entire world.

  • Friday 10 August: 7 pm: concert with Amaren Alabak :

Amaren Alabak (mother’s daughters), comes from the province of Soule. In their performance, ‘‘Andereagatik’’, they pay homage to the ‘‘swallows’’ who in the past emigrated from Aragon, Portugal and Italy to Mauléon to make espadrilles, leaving behind them part of their lives.

  • Friday 24 August: 7 pm: concert with Josetxo Silguero, saxophonist, and Jorge Borgas, electronic musician**

Josetxo Silguero is, above all, an artist committed to creation, who combines the saxophone with other instruments in original ways. For the occasion, the experience and musical curiosity of this great Basque artist will be combined with new notes by the electronic musician Borja Ramos who amongst other things has worked a lot with dance and the cinema.

  • Friday 31 August: 7 pm: concert with Perruketak :

Perruketak is a group of five girls from the Aldudes Valley: Katy, Yvette, Nathalie, Elix and Véronique accompanied by the duo Jo & Mikel. In their recital of traditional songs they propose various compositions and adaptations. They have also just recorded a CD called "Zuretako" (for you).

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