The Basques in Argentina on

Jun 10, 2008

The website dedicated to the "Batekmila - Basque Worlds" exhibition is continuing to expand. A report by the director and sound creator Isa Suarez "The Basques in Rio de la Plata, Argentina", has recently been put online.

The Basques in Argentina on

Isa Suarez is a Basque artist who lives in London.

Since 1988 she has been behind many video and sound creations in fields as diverse as television and live performances. She was also part of the musical collective Basque Electronic Diaspora. For Basque Worlds she went to meet the descendants of Basque immigrants in Argentina and Uruguay with an original perspective on the Basque diaspora in South America.

You can watch one of her films in full on this website.

A true insight into the notion of what it means to be Basque in this cradle of Basque immigration in Argentina, as well as the diversity of the "Batekmila - Basque" Worlds exhibition.

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