Basque artistic creation online

Oct 28, 2009

Following its work collecting information which began in spring 2009, the Basque Cultural Institute has inaugurated three new online services to provide more coverage of the people and places involved with artistic creation in the Northern Basque Country.

Basque artistic creation online

Three tools on a single online platform

With the aim of better disseminating information relating to the players, productions and venues of Basque creation in the Northern Basque Country, the Basque Cultural Institute has put online three reference tools on its portal website:

  • A directory of artists and players from the field of the arts (cultural associations, trainers, agents, distributors, venues, technicians, etc) working in the field of Basque culture
  • A catalogue of creations created and supported by the Basque Cultural Institute from 2007 onwards which will be ready to be distributed in 2009 and beyond
  • A venue guide for the Northern Basque Country covering fully equipped venues and those for both performances and other events (dances, banquets, conferences, etc).

To date (September 2009):

  • over 500 data sheets of artists and cultural players are listed
  • around 15 creations are on offer to programmers
  • around 30 venues are described in the guide.

Permanently collecting data

A work by the Uztaro group of artists present in the directory

In order to implement this global service the Basque Cultural Institute initially updated its former directory in spring and summer 2009 by directly contacting the people and associations listed in it.

In this new version of the directory each player's contact details (address, telephone, website, email contact form, etc) are provided in the form of data sheets classed according to categories.

The directory of artists is a living tool which will evolve along with Basque artistic life in the Northern Basque Country. If you would like to appear free of charge please contact the Basque Cultural Institute (subject to satisfying certain criteria).

Thematic developments: catalogue of creations and venue guide

The "Catalogue of artistic creations" as well as the "Guide of venues" are just some of the directory's specific developments.

Photo of the performance of Urraska which appears in the catalogue of creations

These sections are the result of work by the Basque Cultural Institute to collect and summarise information.

Thus writers and those in charge of creations supported by the Basque Cultural Institute, from 2007, and ready to be distributed in 2009 and beyond, were contacted to draft the presentation as well as the technical description of performances. Likewise, those in charge of cultural facilities were called upon to provide details about their venues.

Obviously, in both cases, only those players who wished for their details to appear online are listed. The opt-in principle is applied here, as well as for the directory of artists.

Similarly, both guides are, like the directory, regularly enriched and updated to remain as close as possible to the reality of cultural and artistic life in the Northern Basque Country.

Soon the directory of heritage players

In the field of the production of knowledge reference tools for Basque culture, the Basque Cultural Institute is preparing for the coming months to put online a directory of individuals, associations and institutions in the field of heritage in the Northern Basque Country.

By putting this reference database online, the Basque Cultural Institute has consolidated its position as a resource cluster for Basque culture.

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