Amikuze accounts online!

Dec 17, 2009

Within the framework of its programme to collect the collective memory, the Basque Cultural Institute offers you the chance to discover extracts of video accounts collected in Amikuze online (Mixe) in addition to the interviewees' photographs and biographies.

Amikuze accounts online!

The important collection of oral accounts initiated in 2007 by the Basque Cultural Institute and called "Eleketa" began in the Amikuze area.

For two years over thirty people were filmed and recorded here.

Interviewees were chosen thanks to the help of the Zabalik association (Manex Gogoan).

The interviewees developed certain subjects specific to their area (sharecropping, fairs and markets, horse racing, woodwork, developing farming and training) amongst other more general subjects (religious rite, know-how, trades).

All the videos carried out within the framework of the Eleketa programme can be consulted online. Videos with biographies by 30 participants from Amikuze, summaries of extracts as well as period photos donated by the participants themselves. A search system (according to subject, participant, village, key word, etc.) makes its easier to consult the accounts.

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