The mascarade as seen by the youth of Larrau

Feb 19, 2010

This year it is the village of Larrau which is organising the mascarade that will be held throughout the province of Soule from 17 January to 25 April 2010. According to the tradition the first and last performances will be performed there...

The mascarade as seen by the youth of Larrau

The last mascarade organised by the inhabitants of Larraine goes back to 1997. In 2010 the average age of the actors, dancers and musicians taking part in the organisation of this event is around twenty.

There is also a marked female presence, in particular, although not only, amongst the dancers: like in 2008 the couple of "xorrotxak" (couple of grinders who dance and always sing couplets) will consist of one female and one male dancer.

From their village of origin the young Larraindars will perform during the winter and spring in 12 municipalities of Soule:

The mascarade begins in each village at 10am with the "barricades" set up in the streets (dances and improvised scenes performed) and continues in the afternoon around 4pm with the main performance.

Like other carnival traditions, the Souletin mascarades, which combine both dance and theatre, bring together many former beliefs and practices with regard to the end of the winter. The death and resurrection of "Pitxu" during the performance, for example, bears witness to this symbolism.

Further details :

  • The Souletin mascarade
  • Soule Tourist Information Centre 05 59 28 51 28 (Atharratze) or 05 59 28 02 37 (Maule)
  • Larrau Town-Hall : 05 59 28 62 80

Photo credit for the article: Radio Xiberoko Botza ((Caption: Xorrotxak in the 2010 mascarade: Ximun Akozeberri & Nadine Elgoien))

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