The Northern Basque Country by and for the Young

Mar 19, 2010

Advertising the Northern Basque Country and its youth's rich cultural life is the ambition of the documentary "Iparraldea XXI" produced by the Basque Cultural Institute in partnership with the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa. Discover it online.

The Northern Basque Country by and for the Young

The 18 minute long documentary "Iparraldea XXI" takes the opposing view to idealised images of the Northern Basque Country and plunges us into the contemporary cultural reality of the provinces of Labourd, Lower Navarre and Soule.

The documentary is especially aimed at the youth of the Southern Basque Country.

The pelota player Yves Sallaberry "Xala", guide for the "Iparraldea XXI" documentary

At the outset of the project interviews with students in San Sebastian highlighted the cliché images of "Iparralde" they have and showed just how little they know this territory.

"Iparralde XXI" should change their perceptions!

From the beaches of the Atlantic to the country landscapes of the hinterland, not to forget the towns of the Basque Coast,the pelota player Yves Sallaberry "Xala", invites us to meet the young cultural players, and sportsmen and women who show how they experience the Northern Basque Country with enthusiasm and passion:

  • Elixabet Aizager, head of the Euskal Herria Zuzenean festival
  • Philippe Malvaux, Surf cluster trainer
  • Ihitz Iriart and Maika Etxekopar, singers from the group Amaren alabak
  • Céline Pétrissans, PR manager for the cross-border dance festival "Dantza hirian"
  • Maiana Irigoyen and Amets Arzallus, improvisers
  • Jon Eyherabide, singer from the rap group Mak

The young improviser Maiana Irigoyen

"Iparraldea XXI" is produced by the Basque Cultural Institute (read the interview with Pantxoa Etchegoin (in basque language)) in partnership with the department of Culture and Basque Language of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa (see interview with Aritz Solupe (in basque language). It is the work of the young company Medialab.

The documentary is available in Basque and subtitled in French, Spanish, English and Catalan.

It is available at and on the leading video platforms and social networks (youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, blip, flickr, facebook...).

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