What's on in Basque Culture now on your mobile too!

Jun 07, 2011

The mobile version of the Basque Cultural Institute's What's On is now available. Now all mobile phone owners with an internet connection can check out what's on now and in the coming days.

What's on in Basque Culture now on your mobile too!

Aware of the importance of changes in internet usage, the Basque Cultural Institute now enables all mobile phone users with an internet connection to consult free of charge the What’s On section of its website www.eke.org, thanks to a special version adapted to all types of mobiles.

All you need to do is enter the m.eke.org address in your phone’s browser. The mobile terminal is automatically detected in order to send content in an adapted format so that everyone can access all the cultural events listed on the www.eke.org/en/agenda website. Events are given in chronological order and classed into two categories: one-off events and exhibitions.

You can also scan this code with a smartphone to access m.eke.org

Furthermore, the main news on the eke.org portal website can also be consulted at this address.

Smartphone users (IPhone, Android or Blackberry) can of course also continue to visualize the original eke.org website by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in the mobile version’s interface.

Future developments of this tool will soon enable events to be geolocated, allowing users to find, for example, an event close their geographical location and even for journeys to be calculated to the desired event.

This initiative is part of the Basque Cultural Institute's Hogei'ta programme whose aim is also to make Basque culture more attractive to young people.

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