Key dates

1990 : foundation of the Basque cultural institute

1992 : creation of the "Basque language and heritage" service

1994 : creation of the permanent commission for Basque heritage

1998 : launch of the plurennial cultural programs : Kantuketan (1998), Batekmila (2005), Hogei’ta (2011)

2003 : signature of a plurennial agreement with the Basque Government

2004 : after the foundation of the Public Office of the Basque Language, the Basque cultural institute's action refocuses on cultural and artistic practices

2005 : launch of the website portal on Basque culture (

2007 : launch of the Eleketa program for the collecting and value enhancing of audiovisual documents on oral memory

2011 : consulting mission for the elaboration of public and cultural policies

2012 : program that helps the member associations

2015 : development of territorial project : Basque dance (including the production of the multimedia exhibition named SOKA in 2015), distribution of Basque cinema, diffusion of Basque theatre and cultural and artistic education.

2017 : Recognition of the Basque cultural institute's work with the "ethnopôle" label for a period of four years (2017-2021)

2018 : inauguration of an audio-visual and audio archives consultation area dedicated to oral heritage at the Chateau Lota, the Basque cultural institute's home