Laboratory of chalks

Since 2001, amongst other works, the Basque composer Ramon Lazkano has composed short pieces for small ensembles with "variable geometry" under the general title "Laboratory of Chalks’".
Laboratory of chalks

Ramon Lazkano's Laboratory of Chalks reflects the work of Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza in sound.

A sculptor and art theorist, Oteiza attempted to establish a dynamic relationship between the exterior and interior of sculpted objects.

This concern is expressed by the notion of "activating space" by "emptying" or "inoccupying" volumes - spheres, cubes and cylinders.

Ramon Lazkano musically describes this "emptying" or "inoccupation of space".

For Lazkano the idea of "hollowness" is, for example, shown by the acoustic space between two notes, which thus defines its contours. The rest of the sound field extends beyond this hollowness. The film The Laboratory of Chalks  bears witness to the composer's work.

Ramon Lazkano's music is played inside the Oteiza Museum: a grand piano in a metaphysical cube…