Batekmila - Basque worlds (2007-2010)

Since it was inaugurated in 2007, "Batekmila – Basque Worlds" has been exhibited at fourteen venues.

Batekmila - Basque Worlds
Batekmila - Basque Worlds
The "Batekmila - Basque Worlds" multimedia exhibition invites visitors to discover and question the practices and experience of a millenary culture and language - euskara. 

In the Basque Country (including Bayonne, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Vitoria and Pamplona), in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Albi, Ambarès and Lagrave) as well as Barcelona.

The "Batekmila - Basque Worlds" exhibition received the UNESCO label within the framework of the International Year of Languages 2008. 

Everywhere it has travelled the exhibition has aroused the interest of the public and especially the young, sensitive to its interactive and fun approach.

All the video content of the exhibition are online.