Lisa Corcostegui

Lisa Corcostegui (USA – Reno). Doctor in anthropology. Head of the “Zenbat gara” Basque dance group in Reno.
Lisa Corcostegui

"My name’s Lisa Corcostegui. I spent my youth in Oregon, but I’ve been living in Reno for 20 years.

My mother is Basque. My grandparents were both from the province of Biscay. My grandmother was from Lekeitio and my grandfather was from Ereño. My father isn’t Basque, but I feel Basque inside, I’m a Basque American.

20 years ago, I went to San Sebastian to learn the Basque language, although I’ve forgotten quite a lot since then.

16 years ago we set up a Basque dance group at the university in Reno which still exists today."