Mireille and Robert Acheritogaray

(Basque Country – Ossès) - After having lived in San Francisco for 12 years, Robert and Mireille moved to the Basque Country.
Mireille and Robert Acheritogaray


"My father emigrated to the United States after his military service. He met my mother there and they made their life there. I met Mireille, by chance, during a stay in the Basque Country".


"Robert and I met in 1993 when he was over in the Basque Country on holiday with his parents. A year later I decided to join him there. When we went to the Basque association, it was just like being back in the Basque Country … I integrated well from the beginning, but I wanted to return to the Basque Country one day. I wasn’t fortunate enough to learn Basque, but I think it’s important for the children to learn it. That’s why we chose the ikastola (Basque-medium school) to give our children the best possible chances to learn it".