The "Hogei’ta" programme

"Hogei’ta" programme aims to arouse in young people, and with young people, innovative projects to develop Basque culture in all its diversity.

The Basque Cultural Institute wishes to support the setting up of spaces for creation, artistic expression and exchange which bear witness to the means of appropriation and reinventing Basque culture by the younger generations. In parallel, in the medium and long term, it is also a reflection on the creation of sustainable tools for passing on the heritage which the BCI wishes to achieve with its partners.

The programme is aimed at two types of audience:

  • Children and teenagers aged between 8 and 15
    For children, the actions chosen give priority to passing on aspects of Basque cultural identity. This does not however exclude creation.
  • Over 16′s
    For the over 16′s creation is given priority, in all its forms, by giving them the means to become players in innovative projects which reinterpret or renew different aspects of Basque culture. Although the Hogei’ta programme is not restricted to one artistic discipline in particular, it is naturally open to popular means of expression with young creators namely using new technologies. The visual arts (plastic arts, photography, etc.) are thus highlighted. There is however a common denominator: the central role given to the Basque language, a structuring element of Basque culture, whether in the creation process or in mediation based on a creation (communication, awareness, etc).