Key dates

2007 : with the launch of the Eleketa program that centres in the collecting of audio-visual and promotion of the oral memory of the northern Basque Country, the Basque cultural insitute refocuses its action on the intangible cultural heritage

2011: launch of the program of treatment of old audio and audio-visual archives from the northern Basque Country

2012: creation of the "heritage and creation" working group that brings together basque contemporary artists, administrators and the Basque cultural institute's professionals

2014: launch of the program of analysis and reflexion on contemporary creation: ethnographic observation and organisation of study days and a symposium

2016: launch of, the web portal dedicated to the oral memory from the northern Basque Country

2017: the Basque cultural institute is awarded with the "ethnopôle" label for a four-years period (2017-2021)

2018: opening of a consultation space dedicated to the intangible cultural heritage at the Chateau Lota, the Basque cultural institute’s home

2022: Launch of research on the subject of cultural rights within the framework of a CIFRe PhD thesis within the BCI.

2023: Renewal of the Ethnopole’s Approval for 2023-2026