Port of Bayonne
Port of Bayonne

Given the geographic characteristics we have just outlined, the primary sector has always been of great importance in the Basque Country.

Fishing and agriculture are activities with a very long tradition, although much of the vibrancy of this sector has now been lost.

However, it is the industrial sector that is the motor of the economy of the Basque Country and has been for some time now especially in the South (the peninsular Basque Country).

The importance of cooperative enterprises in the Basque economy should also be pointed out as they are a unique example of symbiosis between work and business.

Besides industry, the services sector is the most important in the Basque economy. This sector is precisely that has grown sharply in the last decade of the XX century.

The financial sector (also with a long tradition), business services, retail business and tourism are the other pillars of our economy.