Recommended websites

Improvisation resources.

Bertsularien Lagunak
Association which works to transmit, promote and develop Improvised Poetry & Song in the Northern Basque Country ( Lapurdi , Lower Navarre and Soule ), particularly through education , organizing tournaments and the championship biannual Xilaba.

Bertsozale elkartea : The Association of the Friends of Bertsolarism
The Association of the Friends of Bertsolarism was formed in 1987 with the intention of guaranteeing the future and the transmission of a great part of that intangible Basque culture known as bertsolarism. 

Center of Documentation Xenpelar
This institute was created in 1990 and it collects all about bertsolarism such as researches, digital libraries, publications catalogues and other collections (improvised bertsos, bertso’s melodies and pictures).

Lanku is a company created by the Association of Friends of Bertsolarism (Bertsozale elkartea) to reinforce the infrastructure of bertsolarism. It manages the material and human resources necessary for all creation and organization.
The digital website offers creative and informative content, formats and different media, or direct recorded previously.