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Iparraldea XXI

Produced on the initiative of the Basque Cultural Institute, the documentary "Iparraldea XXI" shows the opposite of the usual cliché images of the Northern Basque Country (French Basque Country), plunging you into the contemporary cultural reality of this territory.


Choose one of the chapters of the documentary using the summary below.

Part 1

Elixabet Aizager (Euskal Herria Zuzenean Festival)
Part 2

Philippe Malvaux, trainer at the France Surf cluster
Part 3

Maika Etxekopar & Ihitz Iriart (Amaren Alabak)
Part 4

Céline Petrissans (Dantza Hirian Festival)
Part 5

The improvisers Maiana Irigoyen & Amets Arzallus
Part 6

Jon Eyherabide (Mak group) & Itxaro Borda
Iparraldea: the territory

iparraldea2.jpgPopulation: estimated 290 000 inhabitants in 2008.
Surface area: 2967 km2
Provinces: 158 municipalities in three provinces, Labourd, Lower Navarre and Soule.