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Northern Basque Country: indicators

A territory at the heart of a euro-region

  • A privileged cross-border situation (with the Autonomous Region of Euskadi and the Chartered Community of Navarre)
  • A major point of transit for north/south European exchanges: 52 million tons of merchandise (by road and rail), A European freight centre (600 000 tons by combined rail/road)
  • The port of Bayonne: 9th port in France, serving the regional economy (4 million tons of merchandise)

Demographic profiles of constituencies


Probable evolution of population around 2020


Distribution of employment according to sector


Statistic portrait

gaindegia.jpgGaindegia, the observatory for the economic and social development of the Basque Country works for greater recognition of this territory. In December the observatory published a description of the Northern Basque Country's economy and society (in four languages).

More about Iparralde
The Basque language in Iparralde

euskara.jpgA brief description for the Northern Basque Country of the results of the sociolinguistic survey carried out in 2006.