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The Basques' Argentina

Emigration to Argentina was neither the first nor the last of the waves of mass emigration by the Basques.

euskaldunen_argentina.jpgAt its height in the 19th century, today it arouses real interest and gives rise to passionate debates about the reasons for mass emigration from the Basque Country, daily life on the other side of the Atlantic and the dream of one day returning to the Basque Country, which only a handful managed to realise.

"The Basques' Argentina" exhibition, inaugurated in January 2004, describes and explains Basque emigration to Argentina in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially emigration from the Northern Basque Country.

It is the fruit of collaboration between Ospitalea, the Heritage Education Centre belonging to the Atlantic Pyrenees Departmental Council in Irissarry, the Basque Cultural Institute, the Euskal Argentina association, friends of the museum of Lower-Navarre in Saint-Palais and the photographer Kepa Etchandy.

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"Euskaldunak Argentinan" fotografic exhibition

BandoneonIn 1999 Kepa Etchandy, a photographer from Bayonne, followed the traces of an uncle from his father's side of the family to Miramar, in the province of Buenos Aires, making his first journey there in 2003. When he returned he put together using photographs the living memory of those who left for so far away several generations ago. See the photos

Rio Platense

The director and sound artist Isa Suarez meets the descendants of Basque immigrants to Argentina. She looks at the South American diaspora in an original light.